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Does MCA Debt Advisors resolve personal or consumer debt?

MCA Debt Advisors solely works to help businesses resolve their business debt and fix their cash flow problems brought on by Merchant Cash Advances and other forms of financing. 

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is the purchase of anticipated business and/or credit card deposits from businesses in exchange for a lump-sum payment. These advances are often obtained through third party-brokers. Often these brokers are bad actors who overextend merchants in the interest of lining their own pockets. 

Is MCA Debt Advisors a law firm?

MCA Debt Advisors is not a law firm. No client or prospective client should consider information provided by MCA Debt Advisors as legal advice. However, MCA Debt Advisors does coordinate with affiliate law firms which we can put you in contact with to assist with your legal questions and needs. You would be required to retain their services separately. 

Does MCA Debt Advisors provide legal advice?

No, MCA Debt Advisors do not provide legal advice. However, we consult on the best way to move your company out of debt and work with your creditors to free up your company's income to operate your business.

Does MCA Debt Advisors provide financing? 

No, MCA Debt Advisors does not provide financing. We work to free up your business cash flow by working with your Merchant Cash Advance funders and other creditors to lower your payment as well as amend the terms of your agreements with them. However, we can help you locate a reputable finance company and put you in contact with it. 

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