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Who We Are

      MCA Debt Advisors is a company that provides business owners with assistance in restructuring their Merchant Cash Advances.  MCA Debt Advisors has developed a strategy to pay back a merchant’s creditors at a reduced rate and reduced balance that both frees up a business income in order to operate the business while also paying funders the receivables that they have purchased.   We work to preserve the value of a business that would otherwise be lost to bankruptcy or failure instead opting to create a win- win for all parties. 

We work to help business owners who:
  • Want to pay their creditors but can't afford what they're demanding

  • Have already tried consulting on their own

  • Can't get financing

  • Have a tight cash flow

  • Can't work on their business and their debts at the same time

  • Need payment terms stretched out over time

  • Want to avoid business bankruptcy

We also work with partners to provide you with:
  • An attorney who specializes in Merchant Cash Advance and Creditor's Law

  • Financing to get the money a merchant needs to build their business 

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